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Samuel John Minton is a Graphic Designer/Illustrator based in Nottingham, with over 15 years of experience in the field, working on a wide variety of projects.


Over the years I have been building a reputation as a reliable and original creative who can turn his hand to most Design projects.


With a background in Fine Art,  I endeavour to approach briefs from a unique angle, injecting artistic flair into every project. Where other designers might get stuck ‘in the box’, I try to imagine not only what is outside of it, but what it might look like with a cat on its head.


My work is whimsical, diverse and tries to look at the world in a sideways manner. I love the relationship between light and shadow, bold colours and broad strokes. Left to my own devices, I can often be found drawing animals, old men and girls with long hair. 


Previous projects have included the design of album covers, murals, storyboarding films, packaging, craft beer cans, murals, wedding invites,

t-shirts for clothing brands, logos for various companies, brochures and posters for pubs, to name a few.



Get in touch for further information or to discuss a project.

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